Hiring a highly qualified professional and certified home inspector to review your property after you’ve come to an agreed upon contract is  most likely one of  the smartest  financial decisions you can make when it comes to purchasing a new home.

We at Property Therapies, LLC  are licensed by the North Carolina Home Inspectors Licensing Board (NCHILB) and as such are trained to inspect you proposed purchase according to the  Standards of Practice defined by said board. . Our knowledge and experience assures you of the highest quality of professional inspections available today. .

Our goal is to provide you with an honest, factual and non-biased report on the property being considered. (see sample report).We suggest that you attend the inspection of the property with us. After completing the field work of the inspection we create an Inspection Report that is available to you online generally by the next business day, complete with comments, discussion and digital photographs.

After you have reviewed this report, which is held in confidentiality between you and Property Therapies, LLC, we make ourselves available to go over the entire report so that you understand all that is contained within it. It is your decision to release this report to any other parties either in hard copy or with access to your report online.

We further realize that time is critical in most real estate transactions of this nature and we at Property Therapies, LLC respond and schedule your inspections as buyers as a priority because of this. Your request for the time and date of inspection will be met if at all possible.

We are confident your decision to work with us will be calm and enjoyable as well as rewarding in its breath of informationType your paragraph here.

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